Topplers New Community Is Gaining Momentum

Branch pageEarlier this week Topplers launched our new online community, a revamped website improving the way our community members can make an impact on the causes that matter to them.

We’re excited about the response we are getting from members of the old community site, reclaiming their membership accounts, and new users signing up to receive invitations.  New impact stories have come in from members taking action on Dakota’s One Domino At A Time, helping her reach her goal of spreading 100 Random Acts of Kindness in the world, like this one from George A:

I have family dealing with cancer. Went up to visit them and saw how stressed they were with basic day-to-day life stuff. Like weeding the front garden. So I found some gloves, got a bag and cleared out the weeds. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was one less reminder of the things that they see that was adding stress to their already stressful lives. Take time to find a small way to help someone. The task can be small, but the gesture GIANT.

We’ll be launching new Branches for you to take action on in the coming weeks, so be sure to accept your invitation to create an account, or sign up here to receive your invitation. Read about how you can help make with causes that are important to you, share your impact story with the community, and “like” the stories other community members are sharing about the difference they are helping make in the world.

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