Topplers Announces the 2014/2015 Domino Award

Domino Award at GoogleTopplers is excited to announce the 2014/2015 Domino Award. Established in 2002, this program for university computer science students encourages students to “think big” by seeing how computer scientists have significantly impacted modern society; inspiring them to see the potential they have to make a difference in the world through their future work.

We’ve launched a new Topplers Branch to help support this program as we grow this coming school year, offering the prize to students across the country.

This essay contest moves students beyond the “bits and bytes” of computer science to help them see the application of innovation out in the world and to think about the impact their work can have on society. Award winners are taken on a trip to see the latest in technology and innovation first-hand. This amazing opportunity to meet their tech heroes and ask them questions, see how the latest innovations are being applied to solve problems, and to network with fellow students and technologists, expands students’ horizons, introducing new possibilities for meaningful work and can change the trajectory of their lives.

Alex SXSWTake action and help bring this unique program to talented young computer scientists across the country:

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