Topplers Announces New Executive Director

DSCN0421Storey Blackwell comes to Topplers after integral posts at United Way and BeadforLife 

The Board of Directors of Topplers is pleased to announce that Storey Blackwell has been named Executive Director. Topplers, a non-profit bringing together people with big ideas and a community to help set things in motion like a domino topple. Ms. Blackwell will lead the organization in its efforts to set big ideas in motion. Blackwell is a seasoned nonprofit professional who has provided leadership and advocacy for nonprofit organizations for more than 6 years, with extensive experience in the realm of finance and building effective programs. 

Board President Neil Hartley said, “The Board of Directors looks forward to working with Storey. She will be an effective leader of Topplers and a passionate advocate for individuals and branches of the ‘topple’ which will inspire the Topplers Community with whom we partner.” 

Ms. Blackwell brings a strong background in finance and project management from national and international nonprofits including United Way. She is passionate about building effective programs, developing innovative fundraising methods for organizational sustainability and using new media to reach new audiences and engage existing supporters. 

She is a graduate of Regis University’s Master of Nonprofit Management program, where she focused on organizational capacity building. She has served as board treasurer for Boulder Youth Body Alliance and as the local board chair for Boulder County’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program. 

Blackwell adds, “This is a tremendous opportunity during this important stage of growth. I am extremely excited about joining the team at Topplers and I’m inspired by seeing the momentum of each individual’s big idea grow with the support of the Topplers community.” 

Topplers’ Mission is to enable You to impact the world in a positive way by setting big things in motion with charitable programs that inspire, educate and motivate people. Topplers is a 501-C3 member organization that brings together individuals to use their collective impact on featured issues. We provide a new way to get involved with philanthropy and volunteering, tailored to fit our busy modern lives. We give everyday people easy and meaningful ways to address important issues. 

For further information please contact: Neil Hartley

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