The Birth of a New Branch

Making a Difference teen

Making a Difference is the newest Topplers Branch. In the works since early 2012, we’re excited to let you know what we’ve been doing to get this Branch up and running. But first, how we got started…
Donna, a pediatric oncology nurse, noticed that her young patients were spending long stretches of time at the hospital during their treatments and recovery time. The nature of the treatments, leaves them confined to their beds and weakens their immune systems, so they don’t get to leave the hospital. She started thinking about how these patients could pass the time, focusing their energy in a positive way, while staying connected to their friends and communities.

A cancer diagnosis is, as you can imagine, overwhelming for a young person and their family. the first weeks and months are spent processing loads of information from their caregivers and communications from foundations and nonprofits that want to support them through the treatment process. They are supported by their doctors, nurses, hospital psychologists, volunteers, entertainers visiting the hospital, family, and friends. And as the initial shock of the diagnosis wears off, and their new lives in treatment become routine, many are looking for a way to give back to those that are helping them out.

Helping others while confined to a hospital is difficult, but the modern technology that helps us stay connected offers up great possibilities. Topplers’ Making a Difference program will be providing the tools and the support to help these extraordinary young people to take their big ideas, launch them, and help them grow.

Stay tuned for how we plan to do this.

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