It’s Time to Track You Impact

After a long, long, LONG wait, we are pleased to announce that Topplers has opened the doors to our new website.  You can now order Dominos, claim Dominos that you receive from others, share stories to inspire others to get involved, and track your Dominos as they travel.

Here’s how it works…

  • If you already have a Domino: start by claiming it.  You can do that right on the home page. Povapesoufork .  When you claim it, share your story of how the Domino came into your possesion.  You will then see the Domino listed in “My Dominos” (when you are logged in).
  • If you don’t have a Domino, find the “Add Dominos” buttons throughout the site.  All it takes is a small donation, and then we’ll ship your Dominos to your address.  By the time they arrive they will be listed in “My Dominos” next time you login.

Once you have a Domino registered in the website, perform an action to help the Topple grow, write a journal entry about the experience, and pass the Domino to the next person.

In addition to the Home Site, we have the Topplers Community.  In the Community you can learn more about each Branch of the Topple by visiting one of the Branch Groups.  

We have many new features planned in the coming months. We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to watching your Dominos topple.

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