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(The special Haunted “Headless Horseman” version of the Hayrides take place from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm both nights.) AVIATOR is also a great place to explore a pumpkin patch, and maybe here’s where you’ll find the perfect one to grace your front porch. Also, one of our new favorite neighborhood destinations, the MEEKER AVENUE FLEA MARKET in Williamsburg, is hosting a pretty big kids/adults Halloween costume party this weekend (both Saturday the 31st and Sunday the 1st), with prizes going for Best Costume, Scariest Costume, and Sexiest Costume. (O’NEILL’S, 64 21 53rd Drive in Maspeth (718) 672 9696; DANNY BOY’S, 64 56 Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village (718) 894 3488; QUEENS COUNTY FARM, 73 50 Little Neck Parkway in Glen Oaks (718) 347 3276; AVIATOR SPORTS COMPLEX, 5 Floyd Bennett Field in Marine Park (718) 758 9800; MEEKER AVENUE FLEA MARKET, 391 Leonard Street in Williamsburg (718) 302 FLEA.)A couple of places we figured Halloween night sure would be a trip are DIRTY PIERRE’S in Forest Hills always a fun place, but especially with Wendy the bartender decked out in fairy wings, and serving up Jello Shots and Pumpkin Martinis! (Dinner for 4 goes to the winner of the night’s best costume, by the way.) And over on Grand Avenue in Maspeth, the Halloween night festivities at HUSH LOUNGE are always jam packed with some of the sleekiest, sexiest felines in the area (and some of them are actually in costume, too!) Meanwhile, just a bit further down Grand, CRUX BAR is offering a cash prize to the winner of their Halloween contest, and has just announced $2 Blood Shots, $2 Zombie Shots, and $2 Witches Brew, all night long.

bakeware factory The Founders Award was bestowed upon Phyllis Levitt, who came to the event from Healdsburg, Calif., for the event. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to board President Richard Stember. Stember then turned the tables and presented a special award to Tammie Kyle, CCD’s executive director, for 25 years of leadership. bakeware factory

silicone mould At New Norway Hall. THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT DANCE CLUB will begin their Fall Schedule on Sept. 4. One of the first things Obama did as first lady that got worldwide attention was start a White House kitchen garden, the first since the wartime Roosevelt administration. Every fall for five years, she’s out there in her gardening clothes with local schoolchildren harvesting the goodies for use in the White House kitchens, as part of her Let’s Move campaign to encourage healthy eating and exercise for all. Here she’s harvesting sweet potatoes in October 2013, after announcing that “Sesame Street” characters will help promote and market fresh fruit and vegetables by growers, suppliers and retailers.. silicone mould

baking tools Quebec City is getting its green on for the upcoming the St. Patrick’s festivities. After passing in front of St. With photos of happy children playing games like pumpkin bowling and eating doughnuts hanging on strings from the limbs of trees, it’s tempting to think “Celebrate” is the perfect babysitter’s cookbook decorating tools, a fashionable Mary Poppins, if you will. But Pippa quickly saves her reputation as London’s “It Girl” with her recipes for adult cocktails. So let’s upgrade that ranking to a helpful dorm party book for people not quite ready to let go of childhood baking tools.

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