I was at the first

I was at the first aid area watching, the wind was what I believe is a down burst, it did not affect tents and stages near the area. It seemed to hit right in front of the stage and a dust rolled directly at the stage. It did not affect other stages, I feel it was just an unfortunate incident.

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Governments including our own are frantically pushing interest rates down, partly to “stimulate” the economy and partly because they are desperately dependent on cheap money to service debt. But if cheap money brings the usual inflation and rising interest rates, a mere doubling of today’s low debt servicing costs would add $30 billion a year to federal spending and deficits, $10 billion in Ontario and $8 billion in Quebec. And rising deficits mean rising debt, rising interest payments and rising deficits in precisely the sort of vicious circle we all pretended to swear off a quarter century ago..

Target was priciest, with a string of 60 LED lights for $11.99. Home Depot had 50 LED lights for $5.97, a very good deal. Lowes had a strand of 100 LED lights twice the lights of Home Depot’s string for $11.47, a good value. “Way back then, I didn’t think that I’d still be alive at 66,” she said. “We were just hoping to get into a studio and looking forward to the next gig and the next country. I always lived in the moment when it came to the band.

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