How will Topplers support young cancer patients?

As Topplers and our supporters started looking at how we might be able to use Topplers to help support young cancer patients during their treatment and recovery, we kept thinking about Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Alex was a 4-year old cancer patient who opened a lemonade stand to raise money for other kids with cancer. Her inspirational story led to a flood of donations, and the creation of a foundation in her name.

Like Alex, many young patients are looking for a way to help give back to the people and communities that have supported them and their families through their treatment and recovery process. But being confined to a hospital room can make connecting difficult.

With the help of the staff who work with the children and their families, Topplers will be launching a pilot program in early 2013. Patients who participate will start by selecting their own big idea and by telling us their story and why this cause is important to them.  We will then add their branch to the Topplers website and community page, and provide dominoes that the patient will hand out to family, friends and supporters.  Topplers will help promote the new branch, provide support, guidance and tips to ensure that every patient is successful in achieving their goal.

We believe this program will make a big difference in the lives of kids, and their families, who face some really serious challenges.  We think the program can be a valuable therapeutic tool, helping patients stay connected with people outside the hospital, giving them a chance to direct their aspirations and goals in a creative way.

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