For straight up ice

For straight up ice cream, it’s easy to fall for Nitro Ice Cream, which relies upon a showy flash freeze process think Science Fair project, dialed up to the max to create a constant inventory (100 plus gallons per day) of intensely rich, deeply vanilla infused ice cream. Two supersized scoops of unadulterated dairy goodness runs $4, and a three scoop serving is $5. Freebie alert: The friendly folks behind the counter are quick with a sample, and it’s easy to understand why: One taste, and you’re hooked.

And other drug makers have bought rights to old, cheap medicines that are the only treatment for serious diseases and then hiked prices several fold has angered patients. It’s triggered government investigations, politicians’ proposals to fight “price gouging,” heavy media scrutiny and a big slump in biotech stock prices.At the eye of the storm is former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, head of Turing throwback jerseys Pharmaceuticals, scorned last month for china jerseys buying rights to and then increasing by more than 5,000 percent the price of Daraprim, a 62 year old drug with no competition. The startup drugmaker paid Impax Laboratories $55 million in August for rights to Daraprim, which treats a rare parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis that mainly strikes pregnant women, cancer patients and AIDS patients.Imprimis, which primarily makes compounded drugs to treat cataracts and urological conditions, will work with health insurers and prescription benefit managers in each state to make its new capsules and other compounded generic medicines widely available, Baum said.”We’re geared up.

A sense of menace grows as this short film expands to the border of a supernatural cheap nfl jerseys china war story. Does the old soldier with his hollow wholesale jerseys voice have a healed bullet wound in his head, or is it just a so called “zabiba”, the bump a devout Muslim gets from tapping his head against the carpet five times a day? If it’s the former, how did he live? It’s as if this stranger were swollen like a tick from all the blood he spilled, or perhaps he’s an evil spirit, materialized to intone the horror of war. (Plays Mar 5, 10:30am and Mar 7 at 3:30pm at the Century 20 in Redwood City.) (RvB).

4. Carrie Fisher won’t be in Episode IX Carrie Fisher is very much in the “Star Wars” family’s hearts as Hamill’s tribute to her moved many fans but her character won’t be with us come Episode IX. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Fisher who had finished her “Last Jedi” scenes prior to her death last December won’t appear in the last film in this saga, digitally rendered or otherwise.

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